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Plant Anatomy--an explanation of the internal part of plants. A Closer Look at Plants--this site includes a simple explanation of the life cycle of a plant.
Overview: Developmental Plant Anatomy--This site includes "Factfiles" the illustrate and explain parts of a plant. Alfalfa:  Seed Germination; Seedling Growth; Vegetative Growth--This site does an excellent job of defining the various stages of a dicot and including images to depict that stage. site includes common plant names, botanical names, leaf shapes, and a dictionary of botanical terms.

HSTA Materials:  What are seed?--this site includes an explanation of seed types and how to tell the differences.

Botany--This site includes information about plant structure and function, as well as plant processes like photosynthesis.

Atlas of Plant Anatomy--minute detail of the plant structure of a dicot.

Electronic Sites of Leading Botany, Plant Biology and Science Journals--as indicated by the title, this site includes links to journals and sites pertaining to botany.

The Seed Biology Place:  Seed Anatomy--This site details seed structure and includes images of a dicot seeds.

Botany WWW Sites--a list of links to sites related to botany.

Monocots vs. Dicots--this diagram explains the difference between the two seed types.
Botany:  Plant Parts and Functions--a thorough site that includes diagrams and explanations of stems, leaves, buds, roots, flowers, and fruit. PLANTS AND THEIR STRUCTURE
-- parts 1 and 2 of this site includes detailed diagrams of plants and dicots.

Monocots & Dicots--This site describes the two seed types and includes images.

Images of Bean Seedling--this illustrates the various growth stages of a bean.

Garden Web Glossary--a dictionary the will define botanical terms.

FLOWERING PLANT REPRODUCTION: Flower Structure--detailing the flower in the life cycle of a plant.
SparkNotes:  Plant Structure:  The Seed--On this site you will find information about gymnosperm and angiosperm seeds including  illustrations. Growth of the embryo and seedling in a dicot--the site includes images and explanations of this part of a seedlings life cycle.
A Glossary of Terms--botanical terms and definitions that may aide students in labeling parts on diagrams. Seed--A diagram and explanation of a dicot seed.
Plant Diversity II: The Evolution of Seed Plants--on this site you will find a section on Dicots including an outline on the life cycle of angiosperm. Class Dicotylenae--detailed illustrations of the various parts of a dicot.  Included is an explanation of what a dicot is and how it differs from a monocot within plant structure (i. e. leaf, flower, etc.)
The Plant Kingdom:  Dicot Overview--This site includes a brief description of dicots and includes the flower families that are dicots. Organs and Tissues Systems in Plants--By diagrams, charts, definitions, and terminology, this site illustrates the various systems of a plant.
Developmental Stages of plants--This site lists the various stages of the life cycle of a plant including important terminology.  Monocots vs. Dicots--Illustrations of  seeds, stems, roots, and leaves of both monocots and dicots.
Monocots versus Dicots:  The two classes of flowering plants--This site includes the history of both monocots/dicots.  It explains the difference between the two seed types.  Common questions are added at the end. Illustrated Glossary of Plant Pathology--As stated by the title, this database includes vocabulary and diagrams of the words.