2013 Pro/Con Essay Topics
AP Composition--Mr. Bliss
Gun Control High School Reform
The Atlantic: "The Case for More Guns (and More Gun Control)"--another outstanding article by Jeffrey Goldberg arguing that gun ownership could possibly stop or prevent crime. How teacher development could revolutionize our schools--A Washington Post Editorial by Bill Gates (February 28. 2011)
How the Gun Control Movement Got Smart--A Atlantic magazine article (February 7, 2013) discussing the new tactics of gun control advocates pushing for legislation. New York Times:  Editorial/Opinion Page:  Failing the Wrong Grades by Diane Ravitch--A New York Times Editorial rebutting statements made by then President George W. Bush, several state governors and Bill Gates (March 15, 2005)
The Atlantic:  "The Secret History of Guns"--and outstanding article by Adam Winkler on the history of gun control in America. Education Week:  High School Reform--an article that outlines some of the issues of concern related to high schools and reform.

U. S. News and World Report: The Future of High School Reform--the responses of educational experts who discuss their thoughts and ideas of educational reform.
NRA:  What They Didn't Tell You Today:  Wayne LaPierre Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Committee--Be aware that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has an agenda and any information used from this site should cause the researcher to be aware of bias. Where Do Good Schools Begin? (5 Letters)--letters to the editors of the New York Times in response to(March 21, 2005)
NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA)--This is the NRA's lobbying arm website, which spotlights legislative issues they want members to be aware of and for which NRA members should take political action. The Washington Post:  The Answer Sheet: The Bill Gates problem in school reform--an opinion response to Bill Gates' talk on what must be done to change schools and improve achievement.
New York Times: Times Topics:  Guns and Gun Control--This web site reviews the issue of gun control and gives an overview of what is currently happening.  Additional links to other NYT stories are included on this site. Why growing concentrated poverty dooms school reform--a Washington Post editorial on the impact of poverty on student achievement.
The Huffington Post:  Second Amendment Rights--this site features articles posted on their digital media site on the topic of guns and the Second Amendment.

An NEA policy brief: Reforming High Schools for the 21st Century--An Imperative--the National Education Association's viewpoint on necessary educational reform.
Milestones in Federal Gun Control Legislation--A timeline of the history of gun control in America. TED Weekends:  "Do Schools Kill Creativity"--A short talk by Sir Ken Robinson, an author and educational advisor, on arts education, creativity and innovation.
About.com:  Civil Liberties:  History of the Second Amendment--As stated in the title of this page you will find here, "a timeline of gun rights in America." The World Bank:  Secondary Education - Key Issues
Just Facts: gun control--this site boasts that it is a site for "independent thinkers" and to present the facts in an unbiased manner.  The site is organized into sections that include:  an introduction of the issue, general facts, and specific issues (e. g. Crime and Self-Defense).  The site includes charts and graphs that illustrate the issue. Huffington Post:  Education Reform--this site includes several articles, videos and links on the various topics of educational reform.
Harvard Injury Control Research Center--This web site included videos and statistics on guns and public health concerns

video and online resources:  Gun Violence
statistics:  Accidents

Myths and Opportunities:  Technology in the Classroom by Alan November--An interesting proposal and vision on educational reform by futurist Alan November. 
BloombergBusinessweek: "How Often Do We Use Guns in Self-Defense?"--an interesting article on Defensive Gun Use (DGU) that looks at both sides of this issue.  Also, this website links to related stories. U. S. News and World Report:  Education:  Best High Schools in California--U. S. News & World Report's list of the top ten California high schools that have won silver or gold medals, which are based upon: student to teacher ratio; college readiness; and the Academic Performance Index score.
What Should Be Done About Guns--Several letters to the New York Times Opinion section on President Obama's front page article on gun control (January 17, 2013). The Washington Post:  The Answer Sheet:  School Reform--a variety of educational reform articles and videos.
 CNN:  gun control--You must create a free account to access this page.  On this CNN site you will find video and articles on the gun control controversy.
An additional articles:  Obama still backs new gun ban; top senator less certain; Do guns make us safer?
New York Times Opinion Page: "When Grading is Degrading"--an article that criticizes the last two presidents' educational "solutions".

Other Possible Topics

climate change Multnomah County Library:  Social Issues:  Global Warming
ScienceDaily: Global warming controversy
Earth Times: Climate Change
Global Issues: Climate Change and Global Warming--nice array of the various subtopics within this issue.
New York Times:  Science:  Global Warming & Climate Change
anti terrorism (scanners/wiretapping/Homeland Security) Multonmah County Library:  Social Issues:  Terrorism
About.com:  Terrorism Issues:  Counterterrorism & Homeland Security
Wikipedia:  Patriot Act--be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article for related topics.
immigration reform Path to citizenship should be a long hike
Immigration Q&A: Amnesty or path to citizenship?
Multonmah County Library:  Social Issues:  Immigration
Internet (antipiracy/wiretapping/social networking and privacy) CNN:  In the News:  Internet Privacy
New York Times: After an Online Firestorm, Congress Shelves Antipiracy Bills
New York Times:  U. S. Tries to Make It Easier to Wiretap the Internet
military intervention (Afghanistan) New York Times: World: Warning Against Wars Like Iraq and Afghanistan
Global Policy Forum:  UN Involvement in Afghanistan
sports (high school sports injuries/compensation for college athletes) The Sport Journal:  Point/Counterpoint: Paying College Athletes
Forbes:  End College Sports Indentured Servitude: Pay "Student Athletes"

Fobes:  The Right Way to Compensate College Athletes

Fit:  Sports Injuries Rise in High School
CNN:  Dealing with the aftermath of serious high school sports injury
Science Daily:  Sports-Related Injuries Requiring Surgery On The Rise Among High School Athletes
Science Daily:  High Schools With Athletic Trainers Have More Diagnosed Concussions, Fewer Overall Injuries

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